Oh dear, I’ve been neglecting this blog, haven’t I?

Well, here’s an info dump on what I’m currently working on. (need to make sure this places makes me look good, showing off my “brand” and all that awful networking stuff)

So here’s Metagross


Here’s a concept this will get used this: Image

Here’s a layout experiment:


The idea didn’t start from anything in particular, I just figured it would be fun to make. It’s been awhile since my last Pokemon project, and while I sometimes feel like I’m leeching by making fan art, I always seem to learn a ton of stuff on a project when I can borrow someone else’s ideas to get things started.

So here I am, re-imagining Metagross as a futuristic data center security mech. I’m happy with my progress so far, especially considering how little I knew about hard surface modeling when I started. I THOUGHT I knew a good bit, but it turns out I didn’t. I have no progressed from Jon Snow levels of not knowing to merely “n00bcake” levels of not knowing what I’m doing.


The project has a good bit to do atm. Most of the modeling for Metagross is done (although I still want to detail out the head/body a bit more). The datacenter equipment needs a lot more work. I’ve built each piece of equipment as its own group, then assembled the dupligroups into sets of servers. Then made a group of the set. So in the scene there is about 300 empties, each one duplicating a single 19in rack. My plan is to make a bunch of different sets, then use a script to randomize which one each empty has. I’ve successfully written the script (with some help), but I’ve only made 2 groups so far. Need to buckle down and make a few more…..

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