Blender tutorial – Metal Grate Floor

I’ve finally made a new tutorial. It’s based off some of my work from the bio-lab scene (see previous post), it covers how to make a metal grate floor, without killing Blender in the process!

…someday I swear I’ll break my habit of saying “So….” and technobabbling when making tuts. (I cut out as much of it as I could….)


Bio-lab WIP

I’ve lately been embarking on another playthrough of Metroid Prime, and inspired by all that ridiculously good art direction, I’ve set to work on sci-fi lab/dungeon environment. Due to overly hot weather, I spent a good portion of the weekend working on this (kinda wish I went for a hike on Sat when it was cooler, but oh well….)


exam_area_008 backroom_008