What is with me posting my WIPs on CGtalk and BlenderArtists, but not here? Anyway, here’s a snake-like dragon:


And here he is in a power plant (note: due to clay render, he’s missing his normal maps here):


This project began life as an attempt do a realistic rendition of the pokemon salamence. I discovered after some fiddling that this is a lost cause: Salamence is distinctively not a practical body design. Trying to modify the legs and wings to look like something that might actually fly doesn’t look much like salamence at all. (the only places the wing muscles could go is exactly where the front legs are).

So I made my own dragon. With blackjack. And hookers! AND ONLY TWO LEGS

I’m trying to make the power plant environment look post-apocalyptic, like dragons came to the earth after mankind got (mostly?) wiped out, and this one has taken up a lair in the shell of an old generator facility. It was a one point a reactor containment building, but I didn’t like working with that small of a building, and I feared I wouldn’t be able to design the room accurately.


Also! I picked up the Substance Indie Pack during the flash sale a few weeks ago. Going to break them in properly with this project, because holyfuckballs that is going to be a lot of texturing work. (why did I try do an abandoned environment?….). Hopefully I’ll have a post here in a week or two about integrating the Substance tools with Cycles. (that will involve a new, much slicker version of Simple PBR, by the way).

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