Metroid Prime – Ruined Fountain

(minor note: dragon project is on hold until I decide if I want to bother fixing some design issues brought up in other WIP threads)

My never-ending love for the original Metroid Prime is back. I’ve done several renders before loosely based on its environments, but this time I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to re-create a room from the game outright, to try and see what it would look like in modern offline HD glory. I figured it would also be good practice working off someone else’s environment concepts. So I chose a standout and fairly small one, the ruined fountain in the Chozo ruins. This was somewhat inspired by this blog post. My goal isn’t necessarily for it to match down to individual details, but I’m trying to avoid major deviations as far as materials, locations of pipes and platforms, objects, etc.

So with no further ado (because I need to eat lunch pretty quick here…)

env_003 env_fountain_003b env_magma_003

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