So i figured I should at the very least keep this blog updated with the various projects I am working on. Starting with this Gengar I’ve been working on:


Working on putting the environment refinements down on the project now.Image


That’s where things are currently. The biggest things I still need to fix are the Silph Co. building in the backdrop, and getting the wall textures to…stand out more? Also, the Silph building needs a lot of work. I was originally planning to just figure out a way to texture the windows, but as I was typing up the WIP post for Blender Artists/CGTalk, I check some photos and realized I just plain don’t have enough windows on this thing. I’m almost tempted to scrap it and go without rather than fiddle with it some more. So who knows.


Also, I may tweak the pose a bit more. Gengar still doesn’t quite seem like he is eerily reaching out for the viewer, which was more of the look I was going for.



More to come… (hopefully)